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Weight Loss

Whilst diets, slimming pills and potions can work short term, they usually fail long term as they are unsustainable. Our programme uses direct hypnotic suggestions combined with mind programming to bring about lasting changes in eating habits.

Your subconscious mind will be re-programmed, so it becomes automatic for you to eat the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts. You will no longer see food as a comfort or something to do when bored or stressed. Your subconscious mind will be re-wired to see food as fuel for energy. You no longer obsess about food and only think about it when you are hungry. As a result, a long-term consistent, healthy relationship with food is created in your mindset.

  • Automatically eat only when physiologically hungry

  • Only think about food when appropriate.

  • A healthy mental attitude to food is established.

  • Lose weight effortlessly

  • Appetite reduction/control

  • More energy

  • Weight loss requires 4 sessions to gain the maximum benefit: And costs only £250

If you are dieting, going to Weight Watchers, or just want to lose a few extra pounds for that special occasion, why not have just a single session of hypnosis? It can help to motivate and reinforce your determination to lose those extra pounds: Cost only £70

Gastric Band Hypnosis

The Gastric Hypnosis procedure is done over 4 sessions. The first one lasts about 90 minutes We explore the reasons why you have issues with food and your weight. The second session you will have the "Virtual" gastric band operation.

The subconscious mind believes everything it is told under hypnosis and assumes that you have had a gastric band fitted. The third & fourth sessions reinforce the work of the previous two sessions. The end result is to get you feeling more confident, eating smaller portions of food and feeling fitter and obviously losing weight!

Designed for those with a BMI over 25, Cost £350 



"My goal weight was 9 stone. I have found the whole process really easy, not only is my addiction to chocolate now cured but to my utter delight my weight is now a constant 8st - 6lbs.

Unlike dieting you never really think of food or count calories all the time, you just feel less hungry, confident and feel more in control.I now eat 3 good healthy meals a day.I would recommend it to anyone who has been yo-yo dieting or struggling to lose weight over the years!

Obviously it may not work for everyone but with Jeffs' guidance you'll certainly feel more relaxed, determined and happier around food and mealtimes!"Tracy

before weight loss image
weight loss image

Tracy before gastric band hypnosis and 6 months later

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