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Anxiety and #stress are at the root of many of problems that my clients suffer with. We all get anxious but if that anxiety becomes out of control it begins to affect your whole life and can lead to issues such as depression , panic attacks , insomnia,intrusive/ negative thoughts, low self esteem and confidence, performance nerves, fear of public speaking, phobias and OCD. I have helped clients with all of these issues and more .

It does not matter how long you have had your issue or how bad it is – you can change. Just a few sessions can change the way you think and behave – it might be easier than you think to begin to really enjoy your life.

Anxiety is a self-protection mechanism, it teaches us to be careful and to be on our guard for potential problems. However, when it gets out of control it causes problems. Like a car alarm that goes off with every breath of wind, there is no real danger, but our unconscious is on constant red alert nonetheless. This is bad for us both mentally and physically. Call Jeff Now for more information to set your self Free! on 07801351427

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