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The Real Cost Of Smoking

Smoking cessation is a one-off hypnosis session lasting about 60 minutes.

With a free backup session (if needed) valid for 3 months after initial treatment.

Smoking is easier to stop than you may think!

Why not try it now?                                            Costs just £150

Stop Smoking

The unpleasant facts.

"Spend £10 a day (the average price of 20 cigarettes} =£300 a month =£3600 a year

Think of what that money could be spent on. A Holiday?A Car? A Deposit?

This, of course, is not the real price you pay!

Smoking is like a parasite eating away at your body by stealing nutrients, damaging cells and taking away your health. It can lead to cancer, COPD emphysema and many other life-changing ailments.So take action now! 

Call Jeff on 07801351427

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"Thanks, Jeff for your help. I Have stopped smoking for over a month now."Kristen from Wigan


"Since my session with you, I've never craved or wanted another cigarette'...Steve from Burscough


"I never had any cravings after our session after smoking over 30 a day" Carol from Southport


"Doctors warned me I could lose my legs if I didn't stop smoking my 60-a-day habit, I tried everything else including patches and Champax but after the session with Jeff I stopped immediately" Graham from Standish


Just a few of the many people I've helped to stop smoking permanently.  

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