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Starting Again?

Starting Again? The term “starting Again” is negative. Think about it, when you say you need to “start Again”, it immediately nullifies your past. This sends a subconscious message to yourself that if you make a mistake, or hit a bump in the road, then everything you’ve worked for is now worth nothing. Consider how discouraging that is for someone on an internal level. It creates a deep level of fear and hesitation to take risks or to learn from falling.

This is a fallacy perpetuated in our culture. Consider that nobody ever really “starts over”. You cannot start over because you are not the same person you were yesterday, last week, or even last month. Anytime you attempt to do something, it creates an experience in your brain that changes your neural paths. Even if you “fail” you have the experience and the lessons, you never would have had if you had never tried.

You see, essentially “starting Again” doesn’t exist. I invite you to instead see the process as continuing your journey. If you’ve started any self-help program, and there was a challenge that temporarily stopped you, you are still more powerful than before because of the feedback, the experience, the fact that you introduced a new possibility and reality into your life. So let's go again using that experience this time with hypnotherapy to make it easier to reach your goals!

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