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#Weight Loss Hypnosis: Most people that I see have already tried many diets, joined exercise clubs, bootcamps and gyms and found that it all works initially but then a few months or years later, despite all of their hard work and initial success, they’re back to where they started … or worse. This is because they’re not able to sustain the changes over the long-term and so they slip back to the old habits that created the problem in the first place. Once we’ve failed enough times we start to (wrongly) believe that we can’t/won’t ever lose weight! #Hypnotherapy for Weight Los Often people tell me that they know how to improve their diet and lifestyle but there’s a part of them that keeps sabotaging their best intentions. Other people complain to me that it’s so unfair because they eat a fairly good diet and don’t really understand how they’ve become overweight. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can address the reasons why your powerful unconscious mind sabotages your conscious efforts to control your weight. Together we can increase your motivation, confidence and self-esteem using techniques chosen specifically to suit you. During weight loss sessions, we aim to create positive thought patterns, behaviour, attitudes and beliefs about yourself and food, to help you easily control your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle – permanently. Call Jeff now on 07801351427 to book or to find out more information

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