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#Anxiety #Stress

#Anxiety#Stress#Wigan “I was suffering with panic attacks while travelling by train. I was feeling very tearful and in a complete state of panic when I went to see Jeff for treatment. I found him very easy to talk to, and my whole experience of hypnotherapy and the methods he uses was very easy and straight forward. After the 1st session, I had a comfortable journey home, and after further sessions I didn’t think twice about travelling on the train. In fact, I now find train journeys quite boring! There were other times when I had panic attacks, especially if I had to speak at a business meeting or in public. Now I don’t feel bothered by that anymore and feel that I can move forward and not avoid the situations that made me feel uncomfortable. I now understand why I have suffered with this problem, and now feel so much more confident and motivated. I just want to let other sufferers know that there is help out there, and that you can overcome this problem.” Janet call Jeff 07801351427

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